What Do Teachers Say About Go Teach Maths?

These comments are from our Online Feedback Form, social media & from emails received.

I think it is the most pupil friendly maths website I’ve ever seen – super work.

Having taught secondary Maths for over 16 years now … this is by far the best, most comprehensive and engaging resource that I have come across.  It is absolutely wonderful for student engagement, and very mindful of what teacher’s actually want and find useful. 

[GTM] is incredible and the best website I have ever come across in my 6 years of teaching.
It is completely changing my work-life balance, makes planning so quick and is
all of a really high standard.

This site is honestly the best I have ever used!
It has been a lifesaver this year and motivates students at all levels.

I want to say your resources are fantastic. After 9 years of teaching I haven’t found anything yet that is consistently at the quality that your produce. It has saved me lots of time so I can focus on the important stuff of how to make things more accessible for all of my students.

Can I just say how much I have enjoyed using Go Teach Maths.
I teach Year 5 to Year 8 so across the KS2/3 boundary. The versatility of your powerpoints and
the range of different activities means that I can tailor your resources to
the ability of the class, rather than just ‘make do’.

I am absolutely loving your website – comprehensive and really reliable resources.

Fantastic site – easy to navigate (vital when planning lessons!), covers every topic and very easy to adapt each of the lessons to my classes’ needs Thank you so much for this fantastic resource

My ‘go to’ location for Maths resources. A brilliant and indispensable treasure.

I can now react to the emerging needs in a lesson because you have so much good stuff!
I can mix it up on the spot.

Brilliant. So many worksheets to choose from. And more. Lessons are really fun, and creative. Well done.

Everything I’ve used so far is beautifully presented,
clearly articulated, complete, and a joy to use.

It is a truly phenomenal repository of beautiful resources and has made my life so much easier.

We love your site so much and many discussions over lunch are about which great resource(s) from it we used that morning.

We love it. When reconsidering subscriptions this year, it was the only one we wanted without question. Saves us so much time and some of the lessons have really nice pedagogical ideas that improve how we teach!

I teach many SEND kids and your resources just put things simply and pictorally to them with abstract examples to follow.

Great set of resources, easily adaptable if needed or just use as they are. Teachers find it has reduced planning time. Pupils find the activities engaging and fun.

My (planning) life has changed since discovering @goteachmaths, perfect base to adapt to my needs. Most of our faculty have followed me in that…

Your resources are brilliant – so well set out / structured and perfect to pick up and use.
They are a lifesaver with my bottom set Year 8 who actually engage really well with
the shootout and car races. I’m about to teach constructions to Y11 tomorrow and
yet again your resources are just fab!

@goteachmaths is the bomb!! Haven’t found one thing I can’t use yet. Superb quality. All of it.

I’m HOD in Western Australia and my department of 16 teachers use your website regularly. It has been a game changer! We love how you explain the topics using visual methods rather than just ‘telling them’ how to do it. We think it is the best money we have spent of any resource we have purchased.
Thanks so much!

It is a fantastic resource and the first place we go to for lesson planning, the reduction you have made to our workload is incredible – thank you so much!

I have been teaching maths for 2.5 years and this site has been incredibly helpful throughout that time. Delighted to subscribe for another year.